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In order to complete a facade project successfully, it is necessary that the project has to be prepared to meet all the needs of the facade in terms of visual and performance and that the products manufactured in accordance with the standards should be mounted in a good project management process and the client should be delivered in turn-key delivery. With our own installation teams and mounting subcontractors that we have been working with for a long time, we complete the installations in a way that we minimize the faults that can be caused by human factors in the buildings.

Along with the start of the project process, construction methods are determined according to each project; so that before our staff arrive at the site, a road map,- on which how the products are transported to the site, the equipment to be used during the mounting process, the layout of the site and the transportation,- is created.

Our staff, who have done many mounting works both at home and abroad so far, have successfully fulfilled mounting processes in the most accurate and fastest way in different geographies and different climates. For overseas projects, teams can be sent from Turkey, as well as local teams can be employed in some cases for mounting. Our company has undertaken the important responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of each one of its employees.

Çuhadaroğlu Aluminum provides every vital materials such as helmets, gloves, safety belts for security in the building sites; takes precautions in international standards against even the smallest job accidents that may occur in the factory or workplace; has all its employees checked by doctors periodically. Moreover, it frequently checks the security precautions in accordance with the ISO 9001 Guarantee Work Instructions and ensures that everyone is working properly within these regulations.