About Us

Çuhadaroğlu Aluminum Industry and Trade Inc., which produces project-specific solutions, determines the needs of the construction and offers contemporary solutions that require uniqueness, superior quality and advanced technology. The company is one of the rare foundations around the World that can fulfill its commitments including designing, testing, manufacturing and mounting services.

Çuhadaroğlu has realized a great deal of applications reflecting the Company's innovative vision and original ideas both at home and abroad. These works, each of which is a reference, add the new ones to the Company’s portfolio of facade cladding of high-rise buildings every passing day.

Çuhadaroğlu, surely the leader of the aluminum commitments in Turkey, has guided the industry in its domain by demonstrating high quality and original vision in all projects undertaken so far. The projects, under which we put our signature, in 25 countries, mainly in Turkey, from France to Kazakhstan, and from Russia to Britain, not only have given us the chance to enlarge our geography of activity but also allow us to get closer to our goal of becoming one of the world's biggest in aluminum sector every passing day. The most basic motivation of Çuhadaroğlu, which has proudly fulfilled all the outstanding works undertaken, is to contribute to development of Turkey.